Top 10 Trends in Indoor Decor

To find out what’s new and on trend in home design and décor, we sat down with interior designer Angela Nuessle. In her role as National Design Director of Merchandising for Pulte Group, Nuessle oversees the creation of color schemes, space plans, model installs and capital spent for models across the country, totaling nearly 15 million dollars in 2015. As an active member of the Color Marketing Group, Angela works alongside other industry professionals to create color and design forecasts.


Mixing metals and metallics, combining aged elements with new (copper, brass, rose gold).

Graphic Prints

Bright, eye-catching prints and patterns are hotter than ever.

Soft Touches

Mix soft pastels with rich wood tones and metal accents.


Less is more. Clear the home, clear the mind.

Mid Century Mod

Retro and classy, with a touch of glam.


Incorporating high tech that is easy to use, but complex in its ability.

Scandinavian Inspiration

Yearn for clean lines and simple designs.

Modern Casual

A slightly softened take on the modern look. Relatable and warm.

Outdoors Indoors

Bringing natural elements into the home creates a relaxed, approachable feel.

Animal Prints

Animal skin rugs, prints, and faux fur.